Who I am


I have spent more than half of my life focused on the science of diagnosing performance and reliability, from the late 1980s to the present. Having worked in the automotive and aerospace industries, along with Tobias Mack and John Allen of TNSFT, I was one of the founding members of Shainin LLC.

What I do


As a company, TNSFT primarily provides a service of diagnosing what appear to be the toughest problems, for some of the largest global manufacturing companies. In addition, they also run one-week training workshops in client facilities, during which participants learn to diagnose (topographically) on their own real-world problems, which in some cases they may have been struggling with for months or longer.

How we do it


In order to solve any problem, a reasonably deep understanding of how and why things happen is required. This knowledge, however arrived at, provides the capacity to take action. Making the link between what we see happening and such knowledge is a process called diagnosis. But how can we go about diagnosing performance and reliability of engineering systems when the required knowledge is not immediately to hand? We have the capability to that in short order, and we can show you how to do it too.


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