What Customers Who Purchased the Book Say

I must say that your book is the best problem solving book to hit the market in the last twenty years! It will become a classic indeed.

                         Marc McKeel, JTEK North America Corporation

I just finished reading your book and very much enjoyed it.  It reinforced a lot that I already knew and taught me several new lessons.  It's a must read for anyone tasked with diagnosing a solving  technical problems.  Thank you!

                         Bryan Spitler, MAHLE Behr

I am about 70 pages into your book. I can’t put it down! I’ll use these to teach others, thank you for everything you do!

                         Chad Brizendine, GM

I was surprised to see the extent of details that you have included. I am looking very much forward to reading it.

                         Marcelo de Lavigne, GE

I'm currently reading the book and I think it's being clearly demonstrated that you should indeed be the best technical problem solvers in the world. Your scientific approach is unique and is nowhere offered in this form. I'm amazed at the amount of new insights I get, even about projects I've done myself!

                         Jan-Willem van den Bergh,  Six Sigma Europe

I really like the look, feel and especially the content with case studies. Really successful.

                         Marcus Dörffel, Shainin

You did an incredible job, I've enjoyed every word... thanks again!

                         Paul Mackalski, Dana

The content of the book is excellent, clear, concise, nice style and full of valuable, relevant insight and useful tips. Logical build order to read and progressively learn. You nailed the content!

                         David Horne, TNSFT

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